About one hour and a half (2 hours including preparation and movement)
Operaating  season
March - November
07:30     Meet at Kushiro station.
10:30     Finish at Kushiro station.
10:30     Meet at Kushiro station.
13:30     Finish at Kushiro station.
[Duration of the canoe course]
1 hour 30 minutes
         1 person           14,000yen                               + Interpretation charge 10,000yen
2 to   3 people              9,000yen   ×  number of people        + Interpretation charge 10,000yen
4 to 15 people        8,000yen   ×  number of people        + Interpretation charge 10,000yen
  • An insurance premium of 500 yen will be charged separately per person.

  • An interpreter must be on board. We require an additional 10,000 yen as an interpreter fee.

  • For groups of 10 or more people, please make a reservation 2 months in advance .

  • Children over 3 years old and under 16 years old are 3,000 yen discount.

  • Negotiable for children under 3 years old.

· The course features the Kushiro River as it makes it way downstream through the Kushiro Marsh. When it is sunny and there are few trees,  the sky will look even wider and you can feel the magnificent landscape. Also, you can see well the meandering of the Kushiro River from the hilltop observation deck. There is a floodgate called "Rocks locking gate" that was built for the flood control of the Kushiro River which makes us to feel the history of the region.
It is built stately in the magnificent landscape. it will become one of your most beautiful memories.
Note : When if its strong windy day, sometimes it's difficult to get to the Rocks locking gate. in that case, we will offer alternative course for the same price and same time.
  • Ours tour will be held in the National Park or in the Ramsar Convention such as Kushiro Wetland. This is the only way to enter with canoe.Appreciate to nature, having a felling of relaxation and letting you entry this paradise.
  • The Kushiro River does not have torrents. Everyone regardless of age or canoe experience, will be able to enjoy with our guides.
  Of course you can only see the beautiful scenery without paddling, or if you want to paddle, both will    be wonderful experience for you.
  Note : If the wind is strong, we might ask you to paddle with us.
  • We can make wonderful memories through a safe and enjoyable canoe trip.Thank you